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C.A.V. Combat Assault Vehicles

As another volley of Gauss Cannon rounds pepper her Rhino. Weapons Officer Riese Jameson looks out onto the broad torso of her CAV and notices with horror that the unit insignia has all but been obliterated. Bringing her Rotary Gauss Cannons to bare on the offending Dictator, she pounds it into scrap. After a few more kills they head “Betsy” off to the repair bay for touch up paint and some new Fighting Pirannha Graphics insignia.

Licensed by Reaper, FPG has a full line of CAV emblems and accessories. Currently we produce all main race, tactical, mercenary, and pirate insignia in the CAV universe with many more planned. Worried about being overseas? Don’t be, we are happy to ship World Wide.

What's New!

February 1: Several additions. The complete list is available here.

1st Ra.D.D. 2nd Graustein
Eyes of the Just
43rd Legion
White Knights


World War II


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